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Please note that although we have had many many previous productions, which of course we are very proud of, we have only included the most recent here. These start from our move to our current venue in Curdworth.

Previous Productions

"The Diary of Anne Frank"
Dramatised by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
22nd - 26th October 2019

"The Hollow"
by Agatha Christie
7th - 11th May 2019
"Love, Life and Laughter"
A Collection of Stories
5th - 9th February 2019
"A Kiss on the Bottom"
by Frank Vickery
8th - 12th May 2018
"A Tomb With A View"
by Norman Robbins
6th - 10th February 2018

80th Anniversay Production
"The Ghost Train"

by Arnold Ridley
24th - 28th October 2017

"Relatively Speaking"

by Alan Ayckbourn
9th - 13th May 2017

Greg - Tom Reeves
Ginny - Laura Donohoe
Philip - Duncan McLaurie
Sheila - Janice Hare

Director - Wayne Taylor
Assistant Director - Anne Fitzgerald

"All's Fair"

by Frank Vickery
7th - 11th February 2017

Brenda - Olivia Reeves
Dilys - Katie Ho
Sophie - Laura McLaurie
Mother - Tina Skews
Trevor - Tom Reeves
Greg - Richard Woodfield

Director - Chris Woodfield
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"Flare Path"
by Terence Rattigan
25th - 29th October

Countess Skriczevinsky - Zena Broadbent
Peter Kyle - Richard Woodfield
Mrs Oakes - Pauline Peach
Sergeant Miller - Wayne Taylor
Percy - Olivia Reeves
Count Skriczevinsky - Duncan McLaurie
Fight-Lieutenant Graham - Tom Reeves
Patricia Graham - Katie Ho
Mrs Miller - Laura Donohoe
Squadron-Leader Swanson - Patrick Byrne

Director - Laura McLaurie
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery"
by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr.
10th - 14th May 2016

Gordon - Duncan McLaurie
Felicity - Christine Burman
Audrey - Claire Williams
Mrs Reece - Anne Jones
Thelma - Laura McLaurie
Lenny - Daniel Gribbem-Lisle
Nora - Anne Lawrence

Director - Wayne Taylor
Assistant Director - Anne Jones

"Fish Out of Water"
by Derek Benfield
9th - 13th February 2016

Audrey Hubback - Laura McLaurie
Marisa - Katie Ho
Brigadier Hubback - Duncan McLaurie
Agatha Hepworth - Pauline Peach
Fiona Francis - Helen Lowe
Julian Whittle - Daniel Gribben-Lisle
Mario Marcello - Patrick Byrne

Director - Anne Jones
Assistant Director - Tamsin Hunt

by Eric Chappell
27th - 31st October 2015

Trevor Farrington - Patrick Byrne
John Miles - Wayne Taylor
Jenny Miles - Michelle Bayliss
Barbara Farrington - Tina Skews
Spriggs - Richard Woodfield

Director - Claire Williams
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"The Unexpected Guest"
by Agatha Christie
12th - 16th May 2015
Michael Starkwedder - Richard Woodfield
Laura Warwick - Helen Lowe
Inspector Thomas - Wayne Taylor
Miss Bennett - Catherine Sharkey
Julian Farrar - Duncan McLaurie

Jan Warwick - Tom Reeves
Mrs Warwick - Jackie Staite
Henry Angell - Phil Seedhouse
Sergeant Cadwallader - Neil Hyland
Director - Laura McLaurie
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"I Hate Hamlet"
by Paul Rudnick
10th - 14th February 2015
Andrew Rally - Richard Woodfield
John Barrymore - Phil Seedhouse
Deirdre McDavey - Tamsin Hunt
Felicia Dantine - Katie Ho
Gary Peter Lefkowitz - Tom Reeves
Lillian Troy - Anne Jones
Director - Chris Woodfield
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes
by Marc Camoletti
21st - 25th October 2014
Bernard - Duncan McLaurie
Robert - Richard Woodfield
Gloria - Laura Chinn
Gretchen - Tina Skews
Gabriella - Katie Ho
Bertha - Zena Broadbent
Director - Chris Woodfield
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes
"One For The Road"
by Willy Russell
13th - 17th May 2014
Dennis Cain - Richard Woodfield
Pauline Cain - Helen Lowe
Roger Fuller - David Garside
Jane Fuller - Tina Skews
Director - Emma Staunton
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes
"Nobody's Perfect"
by Simon Williams
11th - 15th Feb 2014
Leonard - Duncan McLaurie
Gus - Phil Seedhouse
Harriet - Zena Broadbent
Dee Dee - Olivia Reeves/Emma Howes
Flat Resident - Wayne Taylor
Director - Laura Chinn
"Passing Strangers"
by Eric Chappell
29th Oct - 2nd Nov 2013
Clive - Duncan McLaurie
Liz - Helen Lowe
Julia - Laura Chinn
Malcolm - Phil Seedhouse 

Director - Katie Ho

"Fool's Paradise"
by Peter Coke
14th - 18th May 2013
Julius Caxton - Wayne Taylor
Rose - Anne Jones
Susan Dawson - Marie Howes
Catherine Hayling - Mandy Yeomans
Jane Hayling - Pam Harper
Philip Hayling - Lewis Reeves
Fiona Renshaw - Laura Chinn
Brigette Blair - Christina Roberts

Director - Rob Alexander

"The Exorcism"
by Don Taylor
12th - 16th February 2013

Rachel - Katie Ho
Edmund - Tom Reeves
Margaret - Zena Broadbent
Dan - Ben Field

Director - Chris Woodfield

"Blithe Spirit"
by Noel Coward
6th - 10th November 2012

Charles Condomine - Duncan McLaurie
Ruth Condomine, his second wife - Helen Lowe
Elvira Condomine, his first wife and ghostly presence - Katie Ho
Madame Arcati - Pauline Peach
Doctor George Bradman - Phil Seedhouse
Mrs Bradman, his wife - Laura Chin
Edith, a maid - Becky Reeves

Director - Anne Jones
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"Stepping Out"
by Richard Harris
15th - 19th May 2012

Mavis - Louise Caine
Mrs Fraser - Pauline Peach
Lynne - Marie Howes
Dorothy - Emma Staunton
Maxine - Claire Collins
Andy - Pam Harper
Geoffrey - Duncan McLaurie
Sylvia - Christina Roberts
Rose - Denise Walker
Vera - Zena Brodbent

Director - Karen Swann
Assistant Director - Debbie Hannigan

"Don't Dress For Dinner"
by Marc Camoletti, adapted by Robin Hawdon
21st - 25th February 2012
Bernard - Duncan McLaurie
Jacqueline - Karen Swann
Robert - Ben Field
Suzette - Katie Ho
Suzanne - Helen Lowe
George - Thomas Hodkinson
Director - Chris Woodfield
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"A Letter From The General"
by Maurice McLoughlin
8th - 12th November 2011

Sister Henry - Pam Harper
Sister Lucy - Pat Critchlow
Sister Bridget - Katie Ho
Sister Magdalen - Pauline Ashfield
Reverend Mother - Anne Jones
Arthur Stilton, the British Consul - Ted Youster
Ruth Stilton, his wife - Helen Lowe
Captain Lee - Tom Reeves
Father Schiller - Rob Alexander

Director - Chris Woodfield
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"Laying the Ghost"
by Simon Williams
8th - 12th March 2011

Margot Buchanan - Anne Jones
Freda Deacon - Pauline Peach
Sadie Croft - Esther Morris
Lady Buchanan - Karen Swann
Leo Buchanan - Rob Alexander
Mr Kidd - Debbie Hannigan
Superman - Tom Reeves
Olderlies - Lianne Crofts and Lewis Reeves

Director - Pam Harper
Assistant Director - Rob Alexander


"Family Planning"
by Frank Vickery
23rd - 27th November 2010

Tracy - Sophie Willis
Gran - Anne Jones
Elsie - Pauline Peach
Idris - Phil Seedhouse
Maisie Millard - Elaine Ward
Jeffrey - Lewis Reeves
Bobby - Tom Reeves

Director - Chris Woodfield
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes

"Oliver Twist"
by Jeremy Brock
(Play Version)
16th - 20th March 2010
Debbie Hannigan - Old Hag 1, Mrs Soweberry, Mrs Maylie
Becky Reeves - Old Hag 2, Old Women, Toby Crackitt
Katie Ho - Young Woman, Rose Maylie
Allan Lane - Doctor, Husband, Fagin, Mr Giles
Robin Taylor - Oliver Twist
Ted Youster - Mr Bumble, Mr Grimwig
Pat Critchlow - Mrs Corney, Mr Fang The Magistrate
Dan Keeler - Mr Limkins, Senior Copper
Anne Jones - Lady Stock Jobber
Tom Reeves - Workhouse Assistant, Monks, Mr Brownlow
Tom Wilson - Mr Sowerberry, Bill Sykes, Dr Losberne
Sophie Willis - Charlotte, Lock Up Lottie, Police Woman, Workhouse Servant
George Hannigan - Artful Dodger
Vicky Youster - Charley Bates, Servant
Lewis Reeves - Barney Buckshot, Noah Claypole, Junior Copper
Claire Watts - Jilted Joseph
Aice Watts - Leonardo Lambert
Fiona Allison - Nancy, Mrs Brittles

Director - Ben Field
"Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"
(Play Version)
by C G Bond
21-23rd January 2010
A Studio Group Production
Anthony Hope - Warren Reeves
Sweeney Todd - Lewis Reeves
Beggar Woman - Jasmin Light
Mrs Lovett - Stephanie Dorricott
Beadle - Stuart Boland
Judge Turpin - Tom Reeves
Tobias Ragg - Robin Taylor
Alfredo Pirelli - George Hannigan
Johanna - Vicky Youster
Jonas Fogg - Sophie Willis
Chorus - Rachel Smith, Lewis Light, Becky Reeves
Backstage and Crew:
Stage Manager and Props - Debbie Hannigan and Sophie Willis
Production Assistant - Emma Staunton
Lighting - Daniel Newbury
Sound - Michael Conboy
Prompt - Lucy Powell
Wardrobe - Pauline Peach
Makeup - Elaine Ward and Emma Staunton
Set Design - Chris Woodfield
Set Construction - Chris Woodfield and Michael Conboy
Programmes - Emma Staunton
Cover Design - Sophie Willis
Front of House - Karen Reeves, Pamela Harper, Anne Jones and Members
Director - Ben Field
Assistant Directors - Wayne Taylor and Thomas Hodkinson
"And A Nightingale Sang"
by C.P.Taylor
24th - 28th November 2009
Helen Stott - Elaine Ward
Joyce Stott, her sister - Emma Staunton
George Stott, her father - Duncan McLaurie
Peggy Stott, her mother - Pam Harper
Andie, her grandfather - Rob Alexander
Eric - Michael Conboy
Norman - Wayne Taylor
Director - Chris Woodfield
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes
"Daisy Pulls It Off"
by Denise Deegan
23rd - 27th June 2009
Daisy Meredith - Emma Staunton
Trixie Martin - Sophie Willis
Mother - Jenny Maisie
Monica Smithers - Jasmin Light
Clare Beaumont - Helen Lowe
Sybil Burlington - Becky Reeves
Alice Fitzpatrick - Stephanie Dorricott
Miss Gibson - Anne Jones
Miss Granville - Christine Burman
Mademoiselle - Debbie Hannigan (Jenny Maisie - Sat night)
Belinda Mathieson - Annie Mears
Winnie Irving - Vicky Youster
Dora Johnston - Lucy Powell
Mr Scoblowski - Rob Alexander
Mr Thompson - Wayne Taylor
Director - Pam Harper
Assistant Director - Rob Alexander
"Blood Brothers'
by Willy Russell
(Play Version)
24th - 28th March 2009
Narrator - Rob Alexander
Mrs Lyons - Helen Lowe
Mrs Johnstone - Pauline Peach
Young Eddie - Robin Taylor
Young Mickey - George Hannigan
Eddie - Michael Conboy
Mickey - Thomas Hodkinson
Linda - Sophie Willis
Police Woman - Stephanie Dorricott
Milkman - Wayne Taylor
Director - Ben Field
Assistant Director - Faith Jerromes